Thursday, December 9

The Fashion Adventure

Today We had critique in class for our advanced portraiture final - the fashion/fantasy shoot. It went excellent, My teacher gave me the big "well done" on it (pictured above). I wanted to do a nautical theme using blue white and red in the wardrobe. so I got a guy, an assistant, a boat, a model, and my new speedlight and hit the docks. My man Tom Sawchuck took us out on his amazing sailboat. So - Day 1 was a pretty rainy day...not really any quality of light. So I did what I could with the 430 and a bounce umbrella. I wasn't very pleased with the images...

so i asked Tom if the next day would work. Being the incredibly nice and helpful guy he is he obliged. So day 2 was much sunnier...although, a new problem posed a threat. The wind was INSANE! Being on a sailboat in that crazy wind was intense, and I'm surprised my model and assistant still did it when the boat is at a 45 degree angle with water being thrown onboard. Luckily for me Tom knew how to handle it right and we cruised with the wind at our backs keeping the boat straight for about 10 mins at a time. It was incredibly fun and a huge learning experience. I was incredibly lucky to have such an awesome crew through the shoot. Below are some of the shots. None of them touched up yet.

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