Tuesday, March 1

Portfolio In The Making

So, now that I'm gettin close to the end of my 8 quarter program I am building up my portfolio. I recently shot my good friend Alison for a portrait. I really loved her hair and build so I wanted to accent those features. I used a boom to hang a light over her gorgeous hair and hit the background with a light to give her a little spotlight. I think the portrait came out pretty well, although I did plan a re-shoot. I think my next concept will be even better muahahahahah!!!

Back in the Blog Game

So after taking a little hiatus from the blog I am now dedicated to keeping my online presence hot. Work has been awesome. I will be posting some new work, new site, and new graphics within the month. As for school I am currently checking out different portfolio cases and sizes to check out. 13 X 19 is lookin pretty dang good if you ask me. Each size and each paper seems to have its trade offs but I think I may have found exactly what I want. Check it out:

This will be the case that harness my work. It's actually pretty versatile since I can also fit a portfolio book in it. The options are endless.

Thursday, January 13

Snow....And Lots Of It

 Woot woot - snow days. I'm definitely ready to head back to my job and school to get some work done, but the few extra vacation days were nice. I got a lot of time to get my portfolio stuff together as well as add a few things. I also had some time to get some new equipment lined up and some new shoots.It did suck not being able to drive anywhere....well I could have but I would have had to deal with roads like this...

But walking around was pretty rad. I got some cool shots. I was diggin this church.

But walking around also made me realize this snow has got to go. So, me and my dad just began incinerating everything in our paths with this makeshift flamethrower.

Jk - but we did burn a lot of stuff. So there you have it. My past few days were full of being incredibly bored and trying to kill time taking pictures, reading about taking pictures, making layouts and stuffing my face with mass amounts of food. Oh ya - I also busted my ass about a hundred times.

Thursday, December 9

Multimedia II: The Importance Of Social Networking

Alas, Multimedia II is coming to a close. This class was definitely one of my favorites. I love wed design and development and I love making things work and connect through the web, and this class gave me plenty of opportunity to do so. Until this class I never really realized how important it is to twitter or blog or keep my post count up. I have gained a LOT of exposure through this class and I am still growing. I used to always say that soon I'm going to redo my portfolio site and make it live again but never had time. This class allowed me time time to get new mediums for getting my work out in the process of working on my main site. I will definitely keep posting and keep my online presence alive.

The Fashion Adventure

Today We had critique in class for our advanced portraiture final - the fashion/fantasy shoot. It went excellent, My teacher gave me the big "well done" on it (pictured above). I wanted to do a nautical theme using blue white and red in the wardrobe. so I got a guy, an assistant, a boat, a model, and my new speedlight and hit the docks. My man Tom Sawchuck took us out on his amazing sailboat. So - Day 1 was a pretty rainy day...not really any quality of light. So I did what I could with the 430 and a bounce umbrella. I wasn't very pleased with the images...

Multimedia II: Wordpress = The Best CMS

So before I took multimedia II I had only read about wordpress and never actually used it. So when I heard our assignment was to make a wordpress I was quickly intrigued. So - I began my research looking at what WP had to offer and why it was so revered. Well, unlike most blogs like blogger or tumblr wordpress can be installed onto your web server. I installed it onto my subdomain so that now I can use it as part of my portfolio site. I can customize anything I need on wordpress and make it fit my style and needs. This was my favorite part of the class. I will definitely keep the wordpress along with my tumblr. In conjunction they can be very useful.

Wednesday, December 8

Multimedia II: Pixelpipe

One of the most important things I learned in multimedia II was Pixelpipe. I love how you can cleanly allocate your media and posts. This thing rox and I will most definitely be using all the time. I can conveniently make one post here and it will be redirected to my other social net sites. AWESOME! Keeping all of my blogs in sync makes news about my work spread incredibly fast and efficiently. Besides..I was kinda tired of posting the same thing 100 times all over the internet.

Friday, November 26

Everyone, Meet Mr. Zee

So back in high school I was working hard to get noticed much like now. Of course, my work wasn't quite as good as it is now back then, but it got me one of the most influential opportunities I've had in my life. I was offered an internship at a local magazine and ad agency. There I worked with 2 designers that gave me huge insight into the industry. I worked closely with the web designer, Zee Valliani, who showed a lot about web design and development. He's a pretty rad guy. He recently made a blog for himself on top of his portfolio site. The guy is a computer genius and an awesome designer. Go to his site and check him out.