Thursday, January 13

Snow....And Lots Of It

 Woot woot - snow days. I'm definitely ready to head back to my job and school to get some work done, but the few extra vacation days were nice. I got a lot of time to get my portfolio stuff together as well as add a few things. I also had some time to get some new equipment lined up and some new shoots.It did suck not being able to drive anywhere....well I could have but I would have had to deal with roads like this...

But walking around was pretty rad. I got some cool shots. I was diggin this church.

But walking around also made me realize this snow has got to go. So, me and my dad just began incinerating everything in our paths with this makeshift flamethrower.

Jk - but we did burn a lot of stuff. So there you have it. My past few days were full of being incredibly bored and trying to kill time taking pictures, reading about taking pictures, making layouts and stuffing my face with mass amounts of food. Oh ya - I also busted my ass about a hundred times.

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