Tuesday, October 26

The Feature Creature

Wow...So this week our feature project is due. A feature picture is basically any picture that tells the story. So - I went to the sugar hill festival with Katie and Chris. Gotta say - I didn't really get any shots I wanted. So - now I have two options:

- Turn in the shots I deem unworthy

- Hope and pray that I got a ballin' shot in Italy.

Well both sorta happened. I was given two options so I'm just going to put them both up here and turn one in. I'm interested to see how critique will go. 

After I took the picture of the ice cream man - I pushed that girl on the ground and took her Popsicle.


  1. Good move on the ice cream as long as you don't "make the story".

  2. Show that girl who's boss. Damn young ones don't deserve ice cream til they get us out of this recession.