Wednesday, October 27

Holiday Portraits: Flyer Completed!!

This is it! The finalized flyer is done, along with 5 other sizes and versions. I'm excited that they are finally getting printed and ready to get moved out. So - next step is the blog. You can see it here. It will soon evolve into a nice pretty layout that plays off the flyer. So - now that we have this, We can market it! If anyone knows places that will distribute the flyer for us, you can message me via twitter, email, or facebook about the location and I'll bring them up a stack of flyers. I'm currently trying to get my job to let me leave a stack for people to grab on the way out. we have 1500+ flyers so lets get them out there.

Also - please check your twitter because I will be asking a lot of questions about the blog. Thank ya much.

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