Tuesday, October 26

Where It All Began.

I was looking back at some old work I did back in high school and started laughing at how stupid I was. Some of the things I was once so proud of look horrible to me now! No matter how horrible the picture is though, It will always have a big place in my heart. I love seeing how other artists progress, and now I can finally see myself the same way. I wonder when I'll look at my work now and see how silly some of it is...

I began photography in high school, where most of the kids start. I attended Phoenix High school which had a bad reputation for having "troubled" students. Well - I chose to go there for the art program they had. They have an awesome digital media and photography program. I quickly got the grasp of things and began entering my work for competitions. The picture above won in a competition at AI against college and high school students. My teachers backed me up all the time and always helped me find new competitions. I won several several awards for photos (which I wouldn't be so proud of today), web sites, and graphics which gave me a good amount of exposure. 

    In November of 2007 I began interning at Accent Gwinnett Magazine. This was probably one of the best parts of my life. I worked with a graphic designer (Jonathan Maloney) and a web developer (Zee Valliani). These two guys taught me almost everything I know, and being in high school and interning at a magazine was a pretty awesome gig. The things I learned there were incredibly valuable.  So after my internship, I began school at Gwinnett Tech studying photography. 

so thats my story, I'm still writing it so it isn't done yet. Maybe I'll update it in about 5 years. 

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