Saturday, October 23

Who is Erik Helms...?

I've made it my mission for the months and/or years to come to get my name KNOWN!. I am working on the new site, new business cards, and networking everywhere I go. I began thinking...these guys don't know who I really am. So - as part of the Erik Helms Push Project I've decided to post an about me movie I made in a multimedia class. The project was just to tell your life story any how any way with a video camera. I plan on posting a much much more about my new projects and ideas. Follow me! for more updates


  1. Dude that movie was epic. I laughed at it in class. And also after when Ms. Finch called you a Cool Cubcumber Jack Hole.

  2. i dont think this video will ever get old!!

  3. aww look that's when my truck had a key and we were able to drive it around to make awesome life videos ...