Monday, October 25

Inspiration Station: James White

Dig those colors!! James white is the founder of the agency Signalnoise. Well...IS the agency. I found him way back in the days when I worked at the magazine. He really opened my eyes to color. If you think the 80's were as cool as I do, then you will love White. His clients range from Nike to Disney. Have you seen the art for the new Tron movie yet? Well you can thank him for those awesome images.

I absolutely love the organic and fluent movements he proposes in his work. The colors are so tastefully used and blended. I see so much emotion in just a matter of strokes and hues. I love seeing or hearing about an artists background, and when I stumbled upon this I gained even more appreciation for him. You can see from his stellar work that the guys must love sci-fi movies.

I see his stuff in a lot of publications so keep your eyes peeled for it.

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