Wednesday, October 27

The Prototype

As I've said I'm working on a whole new set of marketing tools. So here we have the first prototype of the new business card. This is just an idea, but I'm thinking of going in this direction. I had my beautiful mom make a few prints and I just cut this one out with an xacto-knife. You can tell its me because I totally sucked at cutting it out nicely. so here it is - it is the same size as a business card ( 3.5in X 2in) but just missing the negative space around the octopus. So it fits where any business card fits.

So I have a feeling people are wondering "why the octopus" well there are a few reasons:

1} Octopuses are my favorite animal.

2} Like I said - I kinda do a mix of things like graphics, web stuff, and photography so I think the octopus is a good icon for expressing my versatility.

3} I find this character very marketable and memorable to the modern world.


I have a few other ideas and variations but I think I really like this idea. If I decide to go with it I'll invest money into a die-cut to be able to mass produce them, but that isn't for a while.

Also, it looks pretty cool peeking out of my wallet.


  1. It doesn’t suck because you cut it out poorly, it looks good. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    It sucks because an Octopus has EIGHT legs, not six. But since you are not applying for an accounting job that little detail probably doesn’t matter. Are you taking artistic/biological license, or thinking unconsciously about Insects? They have six legs (or arms), they are very dexterous too and they metamorphose into different things. But not into Octopi. Maybe into Hexopi. Like, HEXOPI DESIGN & ART & TAX SERVICE. That kind of company could get some cash peeking out of your wallet, keep the Hexopi cards company.

  2. Erik I think this business card is very unique and people will be drawn to it because of that. I love the idea!

  3. hahaha - yes. it is artistic license. Well said though.