Thursday, November 4

Commercial Photography

So next quarter I will begin taking the advanced commercial photography class. I really liked summer quarter when I shot it with the 4 x 5 and chrome film. I may be overly enthusiastic about it, but I can't wait to do it again. I did pretty well last quarter and I definitely learned how to see the light. I just love how many variations of lighting there are available and how controllable the settings are. I have a lot of awesome ideas to present and I really believe I will execute them properly. Above is one of my test images I shot with the 20d to see how my exposure looked (don't worry I got rid of that dreadful horizon line). I wonder how transitioning to DSLR from film will affect people's products. Before it was imperative to be careful and to see your light critically. Will we be as cautious now that we can shoot 100 frames?

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