Tuesday, November 2

Halloween! A Day Late

so I have sorta been neglecting the blog over the weekend. Not in the way that I have been attending Halloween parties like I should, but I have been doing a lot of looking into this wordpress thing (also carving some kick ass pumpkins with mom!).I have made a lot of new discoveries in wordpress. I have to say - it is pretty awesome. I am able to edit almost any part of the php I want or just make a custom css for the layout. It is incredibly editable and easy to use making this an awesome marketing tool. I will definitely be investing some time into this to make it a branch from my erikhelmsdesign site (or whatever I make in the future). If you are conscious of your online presence I would definitely recommend wordpress to be a good part of your web arsenal. I will provide some helpful links and sources soon as well my wordpress. C YA!

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