Wednesday, November 3

Wordpress: The Final Frontier

Welcome to my room. Here on my floor we have a pile of magazines. I am an avid reader of Web Designer magazine, and recently I stumbled across an old issue on Wordpress. I also found one of the many css issues they publish that has a LOT of awesome css tags and codes to simplify any style sheet (ahem - like wordpress). I recommend giving these a look through if you ever find them (Issue 149(WP) and 151(CSS)), that is if you care to learn a thing or two about how to spice up the ol' template a bit.

In other news, I began my wordpress adventure the other day. I am hosting it through my old portfolio site at When you use WP as a CMS(content management system) under a host you are able to fully customize the css, php or whatever else you need to. My goal is to create my own fully custom css template for wordpress. Although...this takes a good amount of time and I'm still learning a lot. But here is what I'm starting with. The sandbox template awesome for adding in your own css. I'll try to post all the updates and new things I figure out. As I said in my earlier posts I really plan on using that as a good way to market, so, why not make an investment? If anyone else is interested in hosting theirs or are having any difficulties feel free to send me a message via this blog, WP, or twitter if you have any questions.

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