Wednesday, November 17

The Soundtrack To My Workflow Vol. 2

So there are a lot of new changes in my life right now, which includes my current playlist. I have been going crazy listening to Tiesto. The man is gifted! I love seeing what people listen to while they work. Music is so inspiring to me and greatly influences my work. I always feel like if they hadn't listened to that song at that time their work would alter. Well here ya go - click on the albums to find the artists music.

Yeah yeah - I know its a girl pop band, but these Aussie chicks are AWESOME.

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. This band dismembered a while ago, but i still keep the tracks playing.

Aan electro-genius. Check out his song with Tegan and Sara

Love the song to death. "Restlessness". On my playist for life

Another old band, It brings me back to my younger days (even younger than I am now!) My favorite album from them.

This is another favorite album. Not into the newer stuff but this one rox.

Jes is amazing. Every song I hear from her I fall in love with.

And c'mon...who doesn't like this album. Another favorite album.

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