Thursday, November 18

Inspiration Station: Vault 49

I once worked at an ad agency, but it wasn't quite like this one. Vault 49 is certainly one of my biggest inspirations. These guys do it all. Illustration, photography, web, animation - basically a very well rounded agency.I was first impressed by the photo illustrations, which is one of my favorite forms of art. Their website is also one of my favorite sites. It is so interactive and clean which provides that professional yet modern look.

this is an animation they made for pepsi. That would be a nice client to have.

I think if I could intern with anyone I would certainly work with these guys. I can see so much depth an originality in their work. They are certainly one of my biggest inspirations.

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  1. I LOVE the first image. I really hope Finch lets you have this in your portfolio. That would be so awesome!!