Wednesday, November 3

Nikon D7000

In case you live in a cave and haven't heard about the new Nikon D7000, I have provided a little info on it. I'm a bit more biased to Canon, but I was rather impressed by the new Nikon D7000. here is a little review on it. comments and criticism welcome.

Nikon D7000 : 16mp Dx, 6fps, est. price: $1200

- 39 AF points (compared to a D90 with 11 or a D300s with 51)

- has 2 slots for sd cards which is incredibly helpful for backing up your shoots.

-U1 and U2 Recall: so finally Nikon has a camera that can save camera settings and allow fast access between different ones. Canon already did this with the C1/C2 modes. seems like Nikon is moving up in the world

-it has 2 different auto WB modes.I dunno if this is a plus really because I don't believe you can change the wb by kelvin. one mode is the normal auto wb and the other keeps the color temp in a warm tone if you are under incandescent lighting.

These are a few of some of the new features that stick out to me more than most of Nikon's cameras. I definitely would not mind owning one. For the price, I think it is definitely worth it. Or maybe I'll just get that new 60d Muahaha.

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