Wednesday, November 17

Firefox: Web Developer Add-On

I would like to show everyone an AWESOME tool firefox has to offer. It is an add-on called Web Developer. My old web designer mentor showed me this back in the day. This add-on is amazing in many ways. You can isolate different elements of a page to view the sizes of images, css strings of the image or even where they are positioned on the page. you can disable things on the page like the css or java. The possibilities are pretty vast. If you are interested in this little tool you can find it under the add-ons.

to begin - let me explain what an add on is. Firefox has something akin to applications called add-ons. By clicking tools > add-ons you can view them.

Simple right? no lets add an add-on. like before click tools > add-ons. now just type in web developer in the search to find it. After you find it just click add to firefox.

After firefox restarts - your new web exploring world will be opened and you can utilize the add-on. to use one of my favorite tools you can simply press ctrl (cmd) + Shift + F and you will have cross hairs you can use to click anywhere on the page to view its information. simply press the buttons again to exit this mode. For more info check out this site. I hope this helped! 

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