Thursday, November 4

Inspiration Station: Vincent Dixon

Before I began at GTC I was looking at other schools. I stopped by Art Institure of Atlanta and when I went for my orientation I saw the gallery, which was displaying work for one of their upcoming photographers who speak to the students. This was Vincent Dixon. Vincent creates some incredibly stunning ads through  his photographs. His images look so fun and playful and at the same time evoke an emotion in me. I think he is one of the more interesting photographers out there. He was born in Ireland and he went to school to get a PhD in molecular biology! Then I guess he picked up the camera and said - "I change my mind". Check his work out. I can really see a personality in it.

( this...)

I suppose through all of his years in school becoming a doctor he picked up a bit of a sense of humor. These are so incredible - The technique looks so proper. I love clean and dynamicly lit everything is. Check him out here!

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